Our Story

Ryan's Story

It all started when the inventor, Ryan Maina, was just a kid. Ryan grew up in Kenya making soccer balls  out of his bare hands that his village would play with. He would walk a mile to the dirt field where the local youth would meet up to play for hours. His older brother was always better than him, and he would get furious when he would lose to him. 
So Ryan sought off to find a solution to this. He made one of his handmade balls a little differently, and attached a rubber elastic thread from an underwear string. He would use this ball everyday as he walked to and from the field, kicking & controlling it everywhere he went.  He eventually surpassed his brother and went on to play professionally in Kenya.
When he came to the United States, he noticed the level of technical ability among the youth was lower than he was used to. So he decided to come up with a far more game-like version of the "ball-on-a-string" concept. After years of trial and error, the Futsolo Sidekick Training Ball was born (and yes his prototype was, again, with an underwear string). 

Coach Santi's Story

Coach Santi was never the biggest or fastest player growing up, but he would spend countless hours training on his own and playing with friends in addition to team practice. Whether training his own drills or playing street ball using laundry baskets as goals, he was rarely found without a ball at his feet. 
He always had a knack for understanding the game and communicating it to others, which made him the ideal center mid & captain on his teams. 
He was eventually able to earn a scholarship to play Division 1 for the University of Louisville under two of the best coaches in the country. 
In the final year of his Marketing and Entrepreneurship degrees, Santi kept attending business meet-ups and startup events in-between training and classes. He would often rush to put a suit on after practice and still be sweating when he got to the meetings. 
His drive to show up even when it wasn't convenient eventually led to meet Ryan, who saw in Santi more than a qualified soon-to-be college graduate and soccer player, but a natural born hustler who would become obsessed with finding the resources to bring the Futsolo Experience to youth players around the world. 

The Futsolo Experience

The Futsolo Training Ball is now accessible to every country in the world. It's been tested and approved by top clubs and coaches at FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Atlético Madrid, Ajax Academy, and Olympique de Marseille to name a few. 

Ryan & Santi are building a team that will continue to bring innovative products and content to empower your player to reach their full potential. 

Are you ready to join the Futsolo Experience?