How to use the Futsolo

1.) Adjust the cord to the desired color setting so that the color rests inside the adjuster, and press down to lock the adjuster in place. 

2.) Hold the cord by the handle with the same side you are kicking with and play a normal pass on the ground. After kicking, make sure to keep your arm steady at a 90 degree angle in front of you. Don't let the ball pull your body forward, and don't pull up on the handle

3.) As the ball returns to the designated body part, work on trapping it with a purpose. Control the ball down to the ground, and repeat. 

4.) FOR GOALKEEPERS: Put the handle around your wrist, hold your arm up above your head, kick the ball, and make a save as the balls flies back. To work on dives, put the handle around the wrist of the opposite side you kick with.