Guaranteed To Improve Your First Touch

The Futsolo Sidekick

If you're looking for an equipment for football training, the Futsolo Sidekick is the soccer ball that trains football aspirants to play like a pro. In fact, it is the best soccer training ball thanks to its ability to train your hands, head, chest, thigh and feet. It features an adjustable chord of different color settings to train all the parts of your body. In effect, the ball will spin back to you like a real player has kicked it towards you!

A Color Guide to the Futsolo Sidekick

Not your average "ball-on-a-string"

Tapping at a ball on a string: POINTLESS

Hacking at ball with waist harness: POINTLESS

Game-like pass to any body part: GAME-CHANGING

But don't take it from us...

Lorne Donaldson

NSCAA Coach of the Year

If I had the Futsolo back in my day, the sky would have been the limit.

Joan Vilá

Director of Methodology FC Barcelona

The Futsolo is an important element for technical work, especially at a young age when contact on the ball is essential.

Tom Statham

Manchester United Academy Coach

It allows players to get lots of touches and you don't need much space to do it.

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