Sneaking into Atlético Madrid

Sneaking into Atlético Madrid

June 05, 2017

I was just on 6 week tour through Europe and was somehow able to get inside access to some of the top clubs in the world.

One of the first clubs was Atlético de Madrid, semi-finalists of this years Champions League.

It's actually a funny story how I got in.

If you don't like reading watch this video instead:

While approaching the "Ciudad Deportiva", or "Sport City" as the top clubs in Spain call their training grounds, I decided to stop for a quick bite to eat at some restaurants just down the street.

As I got out of the car, the Uber driver insisted on seeing what the Sidekick was all about.

While demoing to him, the valet drivers approached me to try it out.

They were fanatics about the Sidekick, and one of them pointed me to a physical trainer of Atletico de Madrid that was enjoying a meal outside one of the restaurants on the strip.

Of course I went up to the guy and demoed the Sidekick to him.

He said his name was "Mike" (an odd name for a Spaniard), and that I should meet him at the entrance to La Ciudad Deportiva at 5:30 to talk more about the Sidekick.

While killing a couple hours catching up on emails, I happened to notice Atlético's starting goalkeeper Oblak and starting center back Savic walking out of a restaurant into the parking lot.

I scrambled for my Sidekick and went after them.    

Oblak's exact words were "muy bien invento" (very good invention), and he signed my Sidekick before getting into his Ferrari.

Savic said "that's awesome, you should talk to a coach at the club" then signed my ball and hopped into his Range Rover.

Curious to find out what other players could be having lunch, I proceeded to stick my head into each restaurant and examine every human inside, likely creeping them out and ruining their meal.

I was able to recognize Luis Amaranto Perea, a former outside back for Atletico and the Colombian National Team.

He and his son who plays for Atlético's youth were both amazed at the Sidekick. 

At 5:20 I showed up to the entrance of Atléticos beautiful training grounds, and approached the stern security guard with confidence.

"Hi, im here to meet with the physical trainer named Mike who said to meet him here at the entrance".

He said "Mike?!? Who the heck is Mike?". He went back to make a phone call to the office, and came back to tell me that there is no Mike working for the club and that I should leave and contact the main office to get in touch with someone.

It turns out Mike was a conman using the Atletico name to get discounts at the restaurants.

Meanwhile I kept trying to convince the guard to let me in...and stalling. After about 10 minutes of getting lectured by the guard as to how I can't expect to just walk into Atletico de Madrid, the head physical trainer of the first team went out to the parking lot to grab something from his car.

I got his attention by quickly demoing the Sidekick.

He made an impressed face and told me he would tell the Head Physical Trainer of the "cantera" (academy) to come see me.

I skeptically waited another 15 minutes while receiving occasional stink eyes from the security guard.

Finally, Ivan Infantes, physical training director of Atlético de Madrid's cantera, walks up to shake my hand, handed me a business card, and told me to send him a Whats App to schedule a time to meet with him 😱

That following week I got an inside tour of Atléticos Ciudad Deportiva and showed Ivan how to use the Sidekick on the training field (the security guard gave me a big handshake this time). 

He was extremely impressed by the Sidekick and kept saying "muy bueno" as he tried it. He asked me to send him 10 Sidekicks now and then would be placing an order for 50 beginning of next season.

In sport,

Coach Santi

Up next: Sidekick session with Bayern Munich. 



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