7 Ways Sidekick Training Ball By Futsolo Is Revolutionizing Soccer

7 Ways Sidekick Training Ball By Futsolo Is Revolutionizing Soccer

You’ve likely heard us say this before...the Futsolo training ball is a game-changer. But why?

  • What makes the Futsolo such an important component to a soccer player's life?
  • Why should your child be religiously training on their own?
  • How does the Futsolo teach lifelong skills on & off the pitch?

If you want your son or daughter to be effective players on the field, or just want to have fun while getting extra touches on the ball, this one if for you. Here are 7 reasons why Futsolo is a must for any soccer player...


1. Ball Control Trumps Everything.

ball control soccer football

If your son or daughter can’t control the ball, do you think they will have many opportunities to pass, dribble, shoot or score? If you answered no to that question, you are spot on...So now ask yourself, is my kid doing something everyday to improve their ability to receive a pass? If the answer is no, then what are you waiting for?!? Whether it’s with a teammate, parent, sibling, a wall, or the Futsolo, I encourage you to take a bit of time everyday to get repetitions of receiving the ball with various types of passes.

 soccer training ball

In today’s game, spaces are tighter and the pace is higher. Controlling the ball with direction & purpose is a key ingredient every football player needs to master. The single most important thing that is going to increase your child’s ball control skills is intangible… It’s confidence.

As you can probably tell by now, confidence can do wonders for your overall game. It can make you a better passer, shooter, and all-around better teammate.

Increasing your comfort level on the ball while working with various parts of the body including the feet, thigh, chest and head [which are all relevant to skills the players will need on the field] will allow you to:

  1. Make decisions faster on the pitch - A player who doesn't have great ball control will have to take more time getting the ball down. This puts extra pressure on that player and greatly reduces their vision on the field.

  2. Become a master of ball possession & decrease turnovers - The team with the higher possession percentage will often win games. Keeping the flow of possession going helps your team tremendously. Players who don't have good first touch techniques tend to bring that flow to a halt since they have to focus on getting the ball back under control so much. An effortless first touch will greatly reduce the amount of turnovers that you concede since you will be able to shield the ball quicker and get past your opponents.


2. Learn To Have A Purpose.

soccer purpose with every part of body

    It's great that they can control the ball with their feet...but the ball doesn't always come on the ground. In fact as they get older, they will start to get up to 50% of passes played to them in the air. So they need to start getting great at receiving with every body part NOW. Don’t believe me? Watch this video below… you’ll see some of the most epic ball controls in football, all of which are out of the air!



    Regardless of whether your child is a forward, a midfielder, or a defender, you absolutely need to have purpose with your first touch. If you take a look at some of the pro games from the top leagues around the world [like above], you'll see that the players who get the most starts are the ones with fantastic first touches. It's a quality that every coach is looking for, so it's a skill that any aspiring soccer player will want to perfect.


    So what is the best way to accomplish everything we have discussed thus far? You guessed it... The Futsolo. Below you’ll see why the Futsolo is better than the alternatives.


    3. Game-Like training.


    Unlike other gimmicky products out there on the market, the Futsolo resembles a game-like training experience. Our product uses the laws of physics magnificently to make the ball return in a way that feels like a real pass from a teammate. Time isn’t wasted when using the Futsolo. You’re child will be able to get 65 game-like touches in one minute. One of the methods being put forward by US Soccer is through the block practice method aka drills. You know the ones where the players line up and dribble in and out of cones and then the next person starts. So what is our problem with this type of training? It does not replicate the game. Where in a soccer match do you see players dribbling in and out of cones or passing the ball back and forwards to each other facing each other square on?

    Technical training needs to be better than that. It needs to replicate the challenges the players face in a game, just like the Futsolo does. Too often we get caught up in drill activities which are okay to introduce the skill but players need to move on to greater
    challenges like teaching them technique in game-like activities.


     4. Reach 10,000 Touches Per Day.


    We all know greatness doesn't come by luck. As Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book The Outliers, it takes 10,000 of focused repetition to become an expert in something. Young players should be getting 10,000 touches per day in order to be comfortable enough on the ball so they can progress into great players when they are older. You can't solely depend on practice with your team to get this done, so take the initiative to train on your own daily! Remember, your Futsolo is the best way to train game-like touches by yourself, so make sure to bring it with you everywhere you go.


     5. Independence Off The Pitch.


    You don’t have to depend on anyone to throw or kick the ball at you. Whenever you get the urge to improve, you can. The Futsolo is dynamic. Your player can bring it with them anywhere they go to practice 3 dimensional receiving situations, meaning the ball can come to them from one angle and they can turn and play the pass to another angle, just like in a game.



    Your child has the chance to learn important life skills that translate off the pitch as well. To give children the opportunity to become successful in life, they must learn how to be independent. Do you remember the feeling you had last time you made a feat on your own? Children also feel same self worth whenever they got to accomplish things on their own. They become more confident in facing challenges, which is important in preparing them for real life trials. Moreover, they tend to have better social life. The Futsolo empowers kids to reach their full potential on and off the field through independent training.


     6. More Bang For Your Buck.


    The Futsolo is far less expensive than personal trainers, who typically charge more than the price of the Futsolo per session. I am a former D1 player from the University of Louisville and my rate is about $80/hour. Aaron [vp of marketing] also trains players on the side and charges $60 per training session. That is a lot of mullah... We’re the best at what we do, but if I witnessed some other sessions, they probably consist of the coach throwing the ball to the player for them to work on controlling with various body parts...movements & habits that can be entirely replaced by using the Futsolo!


    Average personal training session = $75

    Futsolo = $54.99.


    It's a no brainer! When you purchase a Futsolo, you also get a ‘virtual personal trainer’... We send you tons of training videos, content, and guides to enable your child’s success on and off the pitch.


     7. Quality Guaranteed.


    We offer a 2 Year Warranty on all of our training products. We want you to use it everyday and will back it up of anything goes wrong with it. Why would we do this? Because we love empowering young players, we’re all about value, and we actually know what we are talking about! If you ever have any problems with the ball or cord, let us know via email, phone, text, and/or letter and we will take care of you. That’s our promise. Check out the video below to learn more:



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