15-Point Checklist To Land A College Scholorship

15-Point Checklist To Land A College Scholorship

October 23, 2017

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every year, thousands of high school students compete for scholarships to play soccer at the collegiate level, but scholarships are highly competitive and require athletes to play at their highest level & must form relationships with college coaches. Here are 15 things you should be doing to make sure you get that college scholarship you deserve.


Step 1: Become a student of the game. Absorb as much soccer info as you can.

Step 2: Make the decision to train on your own everyday. Make it as game-like as possible.

Step 3: Play on the best player-development focused club in your area that attends showcases. Attend multiple club tryouts and find the best fit.

Step 4: Learn specific habits taught in Europe and SouthAmerica. Sign up for a one on one mentorship with Coach Santi by contacting us.

Step 5: Watch pro soccer as often as possible.

Step 6: Have fun and enjoy the game. It’s supposed to be fun...and the more fun you are having, the better you play!

Step 7: Play futsal (5-a-side) as often as possible. This gets you many touches and opportunities to make decisions

Step 8: Find a friend or sibling to play 1v1 against. Use laundry baskets or trash cans as goals and play on a tennis or b ball court

Step 9: Keep your grades up in school. This is a very important factor when coaches are recruiting players.

Step 10: Eat healthy, nutritious foods. The better your diet, the better your fitness, the better your decision-making.

Step 11: Write your goals down somewhere you will see them everyday. This helps you stay on track and make the right decisions off the pitch

Step 12: Find the right cleats for you. A centimeter of space between your big toe and boot tip.

Step 13: Have someone start recording your club team games. Get comfortable using iMovie and start making an overall highlight video as well as single match highlights of your best games.

Step 14: Express yourself on and off the field. Be the best version of yourself.

Step 15: Email college coaches your sophomore and junior years in high school

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you think or if you have anything to add in the comments section below!

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