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"The Futsolo Sidekick is an important element for technical work, especially at a young age when contact on the ball is essential."

Joan Vilà, Methodology Director of FC Barcelona

"I highly recommend the Futsolo Sidekick Training Ball...It's a great way to train game-like situations."

Jared Watts, Starting Center Back, Colorado Rapids

"If I had the Futsolo back in my day when I played, the sky would have been the limit... or maybe I would have passed the sky because this ball is phenomenal. You can use it anywhere, it doesn't matter! It teaches every part of the body & is great for the kids. I highly recommend the Futsolo training ball."

Lorne Donaldson, Former Jamaican National Team, Real Colorado President

"As a kid I had the little contraption that went around your waist and you could kick at the ball on the string. I very quickly outgrew it and got bored because it wasn't very realistic to how the ball would ever come back to you in a real playing scenario. 

The Futsolo Sidekick is by far the best version of this type of training tool I've seen. It allows players to train at striking the ball without having to run and get it and also creates a realistic flighted ball that can be brought down with the foot, thigh, chest, or head. The more time a player can spend with a ball, and the more repetition of techniques they are able to practice, the better. The Futsolo Sidekick allows players to get these quality repetitions!"  

Yael Averbuch, USWNT & FC Kansas City Professional Player

"The Futsolo is the only product I've seen that can simulate game-like touches for players when training on their own, anywhere they go"

Quincy Amarikwa, San Jose Earthquakes, MLS Professional Player

"The Futsolo is really sick. I wish I had one of these growing up."

Dillon Serna, Colorado Rapids MLS Professional Player

"The Futsolo Sidekick is a ball that every player should have. It's great for every level; high school, club, college, and even pros should have this tool."

Rafael Amaya, Former MLS Pro

“That’s so awesome I’ve never seen a tool for keepers to train on their own like that”. 

Hope Solo, USWNT Goalkeeper Legend